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  • Plumbing Plumbing

    The need for plumbing related services among South Africans is very common. As such, we have resorted …

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  • Electrical Electrical

    Our electricians have everything it takes to install electrical wiring in your home. We are educated in the field …

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  • Cleaning Cleaning

    We provide all kinds of cleaning services including apartments, houses,carpet cleaning, or window cleaning …

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  • Flooring Flooring

    Flooring is an essential part of your home that also serves to increase its general beauty. Floors come in …

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  • Painting Painting

    With more than fifteen years of experience in painting, we deliver exceptional services that are second to none …

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  • Carpentry Carpentry

    We have provided carpentry services to our esteemed clients for a very long time. Having hired some of …

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A good home always provides good environment We have been running our business since 2000. Our dedication and our passion have madeusone of the best home improvement companies in South Africa. In this long journey, we have gained a lot of love for our clients and help them get the services that they deserve.

Why hire us

  • Professional Approach


    Our company keeps its call line open 24-hours so that people can find us whenever they have a problem. We strive to answer every phone call from our beloved customers. Our responsible customer care team will receive your phone call and connect you to the most relevant technician.

  • Worry Free Services


    Once you call our team to help you in your project, you can be sure that we’ll deliver what you need.

  • Numerous Clients


    We’ve got a wide variety of clients from individuals to big corporations. All our services are certified.


  • Alfred B. Hernandez

    “I can’t help giving my appreciation to this company. Last year, I hadan electrical problem in my house at night and phoned the company immediately. Within 1 hour they came to my house and solved the problem within a few minutes. Thanks very much!”

    2202 Rissik St
    Witbank, 1036

    Alfred B. Hernandez

  • Ruth J. Gomez

    “This is now the best home improvement company in South Africa as it leaves no stone unturned to provide the best services to its clients. They installed a hardwood flooring in my home and not only does it look beautiful, but it is also comfortable. Thanks so much!”

    1248 Voortrekker St
    Durban, 4137

    Ruth J. Gomez

  • Christina O. Ray

    “I love this company. Last month I ordered them to make me a kitchen cabinet. Theymade it just exactly as I desired and didn’t take very much time. I will come back again and again!”

    1818 Impala St
    Pietermaritzburg, 3254

    Christina O. Ray

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